HMA University - HMA Advanced

HMA Advanced is what separates HMA from all other Marketing Consulting Systems.  Yes, you can get clients with HMA Basic but I've put together a gold-mine of specialized training you can't get anywhere else that will further your development even more. You can use any one of these Advanced trainings below and build an entire specialty consulting business to work for the rest of your consulting days. HMA Basic is included with all Advanced memberships.  We encourage you to explore the modules in detail below by clicking on each of the boxes for additional details. For a more specific and detailed outline of what you get with each HMA Membership click here 

Group Training Workbooks
Slide Presentations
Special Reports
Rights to 250 Audio Interviews
Marketing Templates
Opporunity Analysis Training
Unique Selling Proposition
Getting Clients Interviews
HMA Conference Calls
Telemarketing Training
How To Become A Consultant Interviews
Inspirational Calls
Motivation & Success Interviews