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These audio interviews and lessons will fast-track your path to getting your first paying HMA marketing consulting client. Each lesson is packed with short-cuts, tips and ideas to get you off to a fast start. Remember, nothing happens until you have an appointment with a "qualified prospect". If they are not qualified for your marketing services, you are wasting your time. And once you have that appointment, you'll take your prospect through our proven HMA Opportunity Marketing Analysis. You'll learn how to pull out all the hidden marketing assets from any business. And then, you'll ask for the business. You'll hear how it's all done in these audio lessons below. Download and play them on your computer, smart phone or mp3 player. Or you can download, print or read the word for word transcripts.

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Sales And Marketing Legend Ben Gay III Reveals: "The Secret Of The Close".

Ben Gay III is a marketing legend. When he was working alongside Zig Ziglar, Earl Nightingale and Napoleon Hill way back when, Ben was the “young guy.” Now, he’s the last living link to that era of marketing genius. Read More

New HMA Star Consultant Sells $90,000 In Marketing Consulting Contracts In One Day.

This new HMA Marketing Consultant already had a business-coaching practice when she signed on as an HMA Consultant, but when she combined the two -- she couldn’t believe she sold over $90,000 in just one day.  Read More

How To Grow Your Small Businesses The Verizon Wireless Way.

Before he became an HMA consultant a year and a half ago, Frank Swiatek worked for Verizon Wireless as a performance consultant. Read More

Details On How To Get More Clients Than You Can Handle In Your First Three Days Of HMA Consulting.

Kory said he had tried marketing consulting on his own, and although he had a lot of skills and was great at landing $30,000 contracts, he wasn’t making any real money because he was essentially promising “endless work” to his clients. He has since found the HMA System and is much happier. Read More

How To Sell Consulting Services To Doctors

Jeff has been a successful marketing consultant in the medical field for years. Although he admits he’s made every mistake in the book, he also says his success has come from studying the fundamentals of marketing. And as a result, he helped save a hospital from closing, helped laser manufacturers sell their expensive equipment to doctors, and helped doctors know how to have successful moneymaking medical centers. Read More

Stop Cold Calling And Start Enjoying The Flood Of New Prospects That Will Be Calling You.

Thanks To A Completely FREE Advertising Technique One Web Designer Discovered For Getting Clients Fast. One of the biggest questions I get is this: Read More

How To Set Your HMA Consulting Practice Apart From The Rest Using This One Word.

Cheree received her HMA System a couple of weeks ago and had already landed her first client (who signed on for all eight steps at $3,000 a step). And with two more clients to sign, she’s well on her way to becoming the female HMA Star. But the most amazing part of her story is that she’s doing it in an area where consultants are a dime a dozen. And in this audio, you’ll hear exactly how she separates herself from the rest. Read More

Tim The Painter Interview: How To Work Less And Make More.

Tim is a struggling home painter. Even though he works his butt off every day, he’s only taking home about $5 an hour after taxes and other expenses. He’d like to earn $100,000 a year but isn’t sure how to go about doing it. So in this interview, you’ll hear my business strategies for Tim that will turn his simple painting business into a high-end service provider. And with JV deals doing most the work, Tim will be working less while making a lot more. And these strategies can be used for any business, not just painting. Read More

You’re Only One Joint Venture Away From Success: A Guide For New HMA Students On Setting Up Strategic Alliances.

Cory is a new HMA student who’s gone through all the videos, has a general sense of how it all works, but would like to know the best ways to make contacts and get started. Read More

How To Sell Consulting Services To The Ipad Market And Charge As Much As $30,000 Per Information Package.

Four years ago, Scott Moldenhauer was working an average job as a sales trainer for a pharmaceutical company, but he also held onto a dream of starting his own business someday. That day happened when he stumbled onto hardtofindseminars and made the decision to buy Audio Marketing Secrets. He’s never looked back. Read More

The Secrets Millionaires Spill At A Jay Abraham Seminar And More From Legendary Marketing Expert Glenn Osborn (Part 2).

Your Quick-Start Guide To The Sneaky Psychological Tactic Known As NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Read More

The Secrets Millionaires Spill At A Jay Abraham Seminar And More From Legendary Marketing Expert Glenn Osborn (Part 3).

Why You Should Never Try To Sell Prospects On Anything But What They’re Already Buying? Read More

How I Went From $70,000 In Debt To Making More Than $300,000 In Just A Year And A Half.

18 short months ago, Sam was $70,000 in debt. He'd suffered through so many failed business opportunities that he says he couldn’t even talk to his friends and family anymore because he’d “exhausted all his good will.”  Read More

How To Go From “Laid-Off Victim Of The Economy” To Successful Marketing Consultant In Just A Few Months.

When HMA consultant Jamie Siracusa lost his job as a salesman because of the economy, he didn’t start looking for another sales position to take its place. He was sick of driving five hours for sales calls that only lasted half an hour. He was sick of being away from home a couple days a week. He needed a change. So he decided to give the HMA System a try.  Read More

The Business of Body Language.

Whether you’re conscious of it or not, your body language says more about you than your words ever will. So, in this interview you’ll meet Kevin Hogan, a psychologist regarded as the nation’s leading expert on body language. Kevin’s going to teach us how to make sure our body language communicates all the right messages during important business meetings. And he’s also going to show us how to decipher the body language of others so that we know what they’re really saying to us. Read More

Know What Your Prospect Is Thinking And Give Yourself An Edge (Part Two).

In Part-two, Dave fields some pretty tough questions from HMA consultants and other students about how to improve their businesses. And Dave is never stingy with answers. You’ll hear him talk about ways you can position yourself as a content expert and get your foot in the door– even those doors that may seem closed. Read More

Know What Your Prospect Is Thinking And Give Yourself An Edge (Part One).

Wouldn’t it be nice to get inside your prospect’s head – know his personality type and all the right things to say? Well you can, and this interview is going to tell you how. In it, you’ll meet Dave Mattson, a vice president at the Sandler Sales Institute. Dave is going to talk about a psychology-based model for sales training that can really give your consulting business that key strategic advantage it may need. Read More

Picking the Brain of a Heavy Weight CEO Coach: How to Develop a Peer-to-Peer Relationship with the Decision Maker and Communicate Value Up Front.

Paul R. DiModica is the founder of the Value Forward Group, a worldwide management consulting firm. Base on twenty years experience as a VP of sales and marketing, strategy, operations, and as a COO, he created the Value Forward method, a 360° business value assessment and implementation approach that integrates financial management, marketing methodology, sales process, corporate strategy and operations to help companies grow. Read More

Great Review Of How Richard Johnson Gets His Consulting Clients. His 10 Recent Case Studies.

Richad Johnson didn’t create a coaching business so he could retire. He’s still out in the field selling and working his coaching business. And in this interview, you’ll hear what he’s been up to for the last couple of years along with 10 of his most recent coaching case studies that illustrate important lessons about his (HMA) Hidden Marketing Assets System. Read More

The Psychology of Buying Behavior: How to Use People’s Unconscious Decision Making Process to Make the Sale.

Ken Ellsworth is an expert in Buying Behavior expert. He is a master at detecting people’s psychological motivation for buying a product or service. Read More

How To Negotiate Without Using Traditional Negotiating Training Win Win Tactics.

Negotiating Training Skills can be hard when you don't have the right training. Read More

Paul Flood Reveals How He Got His Most Recent Paying Marketing Consulting Clients.

In this new interview, you'll hear stories from HMA marketing consultants Paul Flood and Richard Emmons and how they were able to get their most recent paying clients. Read More

Justin's Story - How I Got My First Group Training As an HMA Marketing Consultant

Here is the short five minute audio of what happened with Justin after sending one e-mail. Read More

Using Workshops To Make Thousands A Month For Your Consulting Practice.

If done right, running workshops can be a great way to make a lot of money for your consulting practice, and David has it down to a science.  In his best month he made $190,000! By using an approach that stresses education above sales pitches, he finds he’s landing more eager, qualified clients. And in this audio, you’ll hear how you can do it too. Read More