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The Conference Call Series is an ongoing series of recorded conference calls with new and existing HMA Consultants. We have captured the pains as well as the joys of true budding marketing consultants. You'll hear support, guidance and advice from Richard and other more experienced marketing consultants. The path to becoming a successful HMA Consultant is not always easy, but with the support and encouragement from these calls, you'll have the support you need to make it a worthwhile journey. These calls are a great and interactive way to learn.

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Alex Whiting - How One Free E-mail Produced $100,000 in Consulting Fees With Local Chamber Chapter.

Alex Whiting a highly successful marketing consultant kept coming across my Website,, and decided we should talk. As I interview Alex, he explains how he developed his marketing skills as a consultant to earn a minimum of $1,000 an hour and increase his business. Listen to learn how one free e-mail produced $100,000 in consulting fees with a local Chamber of Commerce. Read More

A Frank Discussion About The Potential Of Group Training With Richard.

If you have listened to the Alex Whiting Interview you'll know that what he did is possible for you too. If you have not listened yet, You'll hear exactly how Alex made over $100,000 doing his first group training. In this call, Richard and I discuss group training and how you can focus your consulting practice on this opportunity. This recording is only about 15 minutes. Enjoy! Read More

The HMA Mastermind – Revealing Insights From 5 Great Minds In HMA Marketing Field.

Here's a conference call that was done with Richard and myself as well as three HMA Consultants: Avery Manco, Dave Duree, and Christian Cares. It was a free-form Question and Answer session where the HMA Consultants could ask Richard anything they wanted about the HMA System and general marketing questions. As an HMA Consultant, you probably have some of the same questions and issues as were posed in this audio. Read More

Ideas to Get your Wheels Turning.

This is a private conference call I made with Richard Johnson and some of the new HMA Consultants. In it, we go over ways to jump-start your business. We also talk with Dave Flannery and look at what is appearing to be one of the most exciting business plans for HMA Consulting.  Read More

What Are The Best Ways to Measure Results And Other Tough Questions.

Here's another conference calls I did with Richard and several of the new HMA Consultants. Whether you're a new HMA Consultant or an existing one, this conference call has something for everyone. You'll hear Richard, four HMA Consultants, and me field some pretty tough questions about consulting.  Read More

Sam Bowman - Strategies of a Successful Nashville Marketing Consultant who Turned $120 into Making $20,000 a Month.

Have you ever considered owning your own consulting business? In this interview, I talk with Sam Bowman, a successful marketing consultant from Nashville, Tennessee, who was trained in a sales and marketing system that is almost identical to the Hidden Marketing Assets (HMA) system. Based upon his experience with real face-to face selling and all the planning that goes with it, Sam explains what it takes to be successful as a marketing consultant. Read More

Strategies that Work – Straight from the Experts.

When you get a group of experts together, ideas just naturally start flowing. And that's the best way to describe this conference call. In this hour-long audio, you'll hear a wide range of topics that really help to give perspective on the whole HMA process. Read More

A Conference Call With Bill Bodri, Author Of : "How To Write A Million Dollar USP".

Writing compelling USPs is essential. Because it separates your client from his competitors, the USP will serve as the foundation for all areas of your client's business -- from the way the phone is answered to the advertising that's sent out. So this audio is dedicated to mastering USPs. Read More

Leveraging Assets and Building Relationships.

It's hard for consultants to tell clients to leverage their assets if they're not even leveraging their own. That's why in part one of this conference call Richard talks about ways to do just that. He also talks about how looking at those assets can help you determine how to run with your career – and how to know in what direction. Read More

Bring It On: Dave Flannery Reveals All.

With 17 clients and a long waiting list, Dave Flannery is one of the best. And while most HMA consultants only dream about such success, Rob Hentschel went one step further -- he asked if he could grill Dave on every last detail of every last accomplishment. Well, it never hurts to ask because Dave's response was, "Bring it on." Read More

HMA Consultants Paul Flood and Richard Emmons Reveal Tips On Getting Clients.

With the exception of Dave Flannery, probably every HMA consultant could use a few more clients – especially if you're just starting out. So in this audio you'll hear from two HMA consultants, Paul Flood and Richard Emmons, as they go over the details of landing their latest clients. Read More

HMA Conference Call with Richard Johnson, Dave Flannery. Paul Flood, Tim Armstrong, John Strange, Michael Senoff and Others.

In this conference call, you'll hear from Richard Johnson, Dave Flannery, Paul Flood and others as they discuss the newest and most effective techniques for HMA consultants. Read More

The Key to Finding New Opportunities For Your HMA Practice.

In this conference call, consultants discuss the areas of their HMA businesses that seem to be working for them and the areas that they are working on. And Richard talks about a new affiliate opportunity that you may want to find out if you qualify for. With the program, you won't need to work with clients one on one. You'll just direct certain prospects to a site and earn 40% commission on the products they buy. It's perfect for smaller businesses that may not be able to afford your usual rates. Read More

How To Wow Your Prospects With Numbers And Other Great Ideas.

In this conference call, consultants from around the world discuss the many ways they're growing their businesses and closing more deals. Read More

How To Help Businesses Create Their Own Economy And Take Demand Away From The Competition.

It's been a while since Richard has joined us on a conference call. This call is Richard answering your most pressing questions regarding the HMA System.  Read More